1:6 WOW World of Warcraft - Frozen Lord Lich King a.k.a Prince Arthas Menethil Custom Figure Coreplay Deluxe (LAST CHANCE)

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It is my sad duty to bring you very grim news. I am certain you know of Muradin's mission here in Northrend to strike at the Scourge and discover useful artifacts. We fought together against the Scourge, and although I survived, Muradin fell to the undead and demons. I grieve for my brave friend and your valiant brother. Yet know that his heroic death was not in vain, for his life ensured my victory against the Lich King's minions — and my recovery of the ancient sword known as Frostmourne. I shall be returning to Lordaeron soon. With Frostmourne in hand, I come to reestablish order and bring forth a shining new age. Muradin's remaining clansmen here will take his body back to Ironforge. You cannot know how deep are my sympathies. I know that this letter offers small consolation, but I felt you should learn of Muradin's death as soon as possible. You have lost a brother, and I have lost a valued friend.

May the Light preserve our peoples,

— Prince Arthas Menethil

Product Details
Materials: PVC
Model: CPWf-05

Package List:
1* Body,

3 pairs of hands

1* Frostmourne

1* eye wear

1 Pair of warglaive of Azzinoth 

1* Shadowmourne

1*mini figure


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