1:6 The Female Samurai - RIN Red/Black Armour Collectible Custom Figure Set

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This 1/6 Female Samurai RIN collectibles figure is a must have for your collection. It comes with 2 colours, Red or black aromour. Buy yours now from Scifitoys, Australia favourite customs, figures, statues and collectibles online store.

The Female Samurai Rin figure by i8Toys utilizes a brand new teenage sized body with seamless joints in the arms and legs. Rin features realistic head and armor sculpting and comes with a wide array of accessories.

Please note that this item comes in 2 colours, Red or Black Armour

Parts List:

  • Brand new teenage girl body(seamless arm and leg)
  • Realistic and detailed head Sculpt
  • 3 pairs of hands 
Red Armour
Black Armour
  • Katana 
  • Wakizashi (Japanese Traditional Sword)
  • Kabuto (Samurai Helmet)
  • Tare (Suit)
  • Female samurai armor 
  • Sode (shoulder Armor)
  • Oda Gote (Arms Armor)
  • Kusazuri (Japanese Samurai Skirt)
  • Suneate (Legs Armor)
  • Kogate (Japanese Samurai Shoes)

  • Kobakama (Pants)
  • Kote (Samurai Gloves)
  • Haidate (pants / armor)
  • Uwa-obi (belt/sash)

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