1:4 Limited Edition Wonder Woman Premium Format Statue Sideshow Collectibles

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Get your 1/4 scale Sideshow Wonder Woman Premium Format from Scifitoys today, Australia figure and statue online store.

Limited Edition: 2000

“I’ve killed things from other worlds before…”
The champion of Themyscira, daughter of Zeus, Amazon, warrior, and princess! 
A demigod with mighty weapons, fantastic powers, and unimaginable strength - she is Wonder Woman!
Every inch of her armor has been re-created for the ultimate in movie accuracy.
She is dressed in a ribbed leather corset in red and gold which features stylized versions of her signature golden eagle and double “W” insignia. Her layered armored skirt gives a nod to her Greek warrior lineage while also giving her the freedom of motion to fight. A leather harness is slung over her shoulder and fastened to her waist, carrying her fabled gold braided Lasso of Truth.
Steel and leather bracelets protect her arms, and layered red and gold armor cover her lower legs – complete with her much talked about heeled sandals!
Wonder Woman’s broadsword has also been recreated with great attention to detail, from the mystic runes inscribed on the blade to the little intricate details of the handle, guard, and pommel.
Please note: Images are for illustrative purposes only. Images are Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different.

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