1:10 Marvel Comics : X-Men - Cable Battle Diorama Series Statue Iron Studios

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Bring this Iron Studios Marvel Comics : X-Men - Cable Battle Diorama Series Statue home to your collection. Buy from Scifitoys Store, Australia's favourite figure statue online store.

"If life were a picnic, you'd be a family. Since life is war, you're soldiers. You'd do well to start accepting that fact"

Cable comes from a bleak future where he was transported to as an infant, growing into a cold but effective warrior with cybernetic enhancements and telepathic abilities, who returns to the past to stop Stryfe and Apocalypse from devastating the world with war and a techno-organic virus.

Inspired by his comic book appearance, the Cable 1/10th Scale Statue depicts the powerful mutant soldier with a deadly arsenal of weapons so he’s prepared for anything foolish enough to face him. The exclusive limited edition statue has been expertly crafted in polystone and finished with hand-painting to showcase the incredible detailing, and stands approximately 11.4” tall atop a battlefield themed base with a recent smokey surprise by none other than the mischievous Deadpool.

Protect the future of your Marvel collection with the Cable 1/10th Scale Statue by Iron Studios.

Product Dimensions: 11.4” H x 6.7” W x 7” D

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